Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wiki Woes AKA trouble downloading the file

I've heard from a few readers that they cannot get a 'save as' option when they click on the link for TiddlyWikiWrite. It may be an IE problem. If you want "TWW" and can't seem to grab it off my website, please just email me at lisaatljcohendotnet (you know the drill, replace the at with @, the dotnet with .net) and I will be happy to send you the html file directly.

Happy plotting!


  1. Thanks so much for the TiddlyWiki suggestion. I've been looking for something that does exactly what it does.

    By the way, looking around your website, I came across this TiddlywikiWrite link:

    Is this a later version of the one you posted before, which did not have '-upgrade' tacked at the end of the file name? Thanks a bunch.

  2. mallika--the file on the site currently is an upgrade, not of any major content of the TWW, but of the core programming of the tiddlywiki itself. Bad timing--I found about the core update after the workshop had been posted.

    The old one will work just fine, the new one adds some functionality to the TW, such as easy access to the 'backstage' area for some customization.


  3. Ah, thanks. :) I'll go grab the upgrade file then.

  4. Oh, by the way, I was fiddling around with the stylesheet in the non-upgraded one yesterday, modifying some things like font / slight design edit / etc by combining code from the GTD Tiddlywiki theme with the theme you used. Mostly it was to change the sidebar to make it easier to read, but I also added the Wikibar plugin. This plugin makes it so that each tiddler has a little 'wikibar' option that gives you a very convenient formatting bar, much like in Word or other document programs.

    Here's a screenshot of the Wikibar. You can also see the slightly modified design:

    I uploaded the edited TWW file here:

    For some reason some parts of the sidebar doesn't show up, but when you download the file and open it, it will look exactly like what I posted in the screenshot.


  5. Sorry to hijack the comments in this section (*blush*), I forgot to say that the uploaded TWWedited.html file is based on your upgraded one. I downloaded the upgraded TWW, put in the changes I was experimenting on yesterday, and uploaded that.

  6. Mallika--*very* nice modifications! I love the 'wikibar' for edits. Thank you!

    I think the default is for some of the customization options (eg, 'backstage' not to show when the wiki is seen over the web.

  7. Ah yeah, you're right Lisa. :) I was slightly concerned about it and didn't remember that the web version is the 'cannot be edited' one.

    I'm glad you like the WikiBar. It was one of the best plugins I came across.