Saturday, July 21, 2007

What do you give back?

I have been giving a lot of thought to my place in the world. I am so fortunate--I was born in a time and place in which I have the gifts of food, shelter, clothing, and basic safety. And I can pass these gifts on to my children.

I believe that because of the accident of birth and the advantages I was given, unearned, that I have an obligation to give back to society. We do that as a family in the form of charity, volunteer work, and lifestyle choices.

In a few weeks, the world will be celebrating an International Day of Peace (September 21).

In honor of that day, I would like to challenge bloggers around the world to write a blog post titled: Giving Back, talking about what you are able to do in order to give back the world. This can include organizations you personally support, though I really want to showcase actions. Do you volunteer in community organizations? Your local school district? Regional, national, or international organizations? Do you maintain a community garden? How about simple things in your neighborhood like shoveling your neighbor's walkway when it snows because you know she can't? Picking up bottles and cans along the bike path to recycle?

Big or small, what do you do for your world?

Every action has an impact. Let's show the world how much a group of regular individuals can do.

If you would like to participate in the Blogger Giving Back Challenge, leave a comment here in this post with a link back to your blog, or send me an email (addy in my profile). I'll work out the details of sharing all the blog links in preparation of post day, September 21st.

Please spread the word. You can make a difference. We can all make a difference.


  1. LJ, your email almost disappeared in my spam filter but I found it and have posted on Steve's 2 Cents to further spread the word.

    I have additional posts scheduled for Sunday.

  2. Hi LJ, thanks for the link to International Peace Day. Don't know what I will be doing personally, but I will definitely try to organise something in the school.

  3. to be an activist, marching in the streets and all that. These days, I find my activism much more quiet yet much more effective, and mostly taking place through the channel of my creativity: writing, artwork, music.

    I think even we writers underestimate how much we give back merely by sharing our writings with others. It's easy to dismiss that, even for we who should know better, because it's intangible relative to giving money to a charity; but based on some comments I get from posts on my own blog, lives can be changed, or affirmed, or made more thoughtful—which itself leads to action on the parts of others.