Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More Strange and Wonderful Google Searches

I've blogged before about the odd internet searches I conduct as part of my writing research. Here is where I talk about finding information about spontaneous combustion and exothermic reactions--both vital for a plot point in "The House of Many Doors." More recently, I was searching for information about knife wounds and hand to hand combat and found my way to The Forensic Community.

Last night, I found myself looking for information about the stages of decomposition of a corpse in a hot desert environment and the structure/design of a ger or yurt. And I again wondered what some profiler would make of me.

Some of the interesting links I found:

Stages of decomposition (Fairly graphic, so not for the weak of stomach)
More info on decomposition

A wonderful site for building your own ger (yurt being a Russian term and offensive to many native steppes people)
Inside decoration/furnishing of a yurt (with lovely photos)

Happy searching!


  1. All of this sounds extremely interesting, as the stories/novels you're writing seem to be.
    However, it wasn't just once that I've noticed how rigid a discipline one must have when doing research on the Internet. It's so easy to get sidetracked and navigate to "infinity", hopping from one interesting subject to another...

  2. Wow! Can't wait to read your next book/project when it comes out.

    Now I must see what exactly a yurt is.

  3. vesper--that *is* a constant struggle for me. The internet can be an enormous time suck, especially when you are a trivia junkie. :) I console myself that it's research. LOL.

    January--someday I hope you *can* read one of my books. I keep visualizing them on the shelf at my local bookstore, practicing positive thinking as I continue to refine the craft.

    And yurts are *very* cool. :)