Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Heal Thyself" at 27.5K and other assorting writing stuff

The writing keeps chugging along. I took today off, dealing with odds and ends and family stuff. Sunday is my busy day for poetry--it is the day I need to finalize my picks for the Wild Poetry Forum weekly Hall of Fame.

Sunday is also the day I realize how many of my weekend 'to dos' have remained undone. So the mad scramble to do as much as possible before monday morning rolls around.

I also spent quite some time tonight giving requested commentary and critique to seven of my son's 5th grade classmates on the poems they had written for our workshop. At 11, they are conscious of wanting to achieve a certain outcome, but still tentative and forming their sense of selves. I feel it is important to be honest in feedback but in a way that doesn't squash their creativity or sense of fun.

"Heal Thyself" is taking a turn into darker territory than I had envisioned at the start. I am in the midst of a scene in which Zev must kill several slave traders in order to free the women they were attempting to sell. In researching the scene, I had to get some information about knife wounds. Specifically lethal knife wounds to the neck. So I googled it. And found this most excellent writing resource for any writers looking to add murder and mayhem to their stories. The Lab: Forensic Community is a site with as much information about forensics and murder weapons as one can handle.

And, as ever, I wonder what a list of my google searches would say about me.


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