Thursday, May 10, 2007

Poetry Thursday: A random writing prompt

This week's totally optional exercise was to use a word or words from the random prompt generator on the PoetryThursday website. My word was "Tensile" and I fretted and worried that word all week. This is where it led me.



The leash is designed to keep her smart
to my heel. But there are mornings
I wonder exactly who is tethered
to whom. It is a chore, this ritual

of thrice daily walk, the study
of elimination, the suppression of gag
reflex, the hand sliding on soft shit
through plastic. She pulls me

with moist, brown-eyed need. I follow;
reluctance shedding its shaggy winter
undercoat. She thrusts damp nose
beneath my hand, fits dome of head

to arch of palm in practiced precision.
Surely evolution shapes my response
as certain as saliva follows dinner bell.


  1. That is a wonderful poem Lisa. Dogs are the masters of victory by submission.

  2. This is good. I liked the question tone..

    "I wonder exactly who is tethered to whom"

    Welcome to PT.
    Nowhere Land

  3. I know this poem. O, I know it. Thanks for that.

  4. Rob, gautami, and writer on board--thanks! I'm very much a dog lover and Tigger has inspired quite a few poems.

    Not too bad for a creature without opposable thumbs.


  5. Enjoyed this! I often wonder when I see dogs taking people out for walks, who is in charge. I'm a rabbit girl myself.

  6. I like where this poem takes you—it's not unlike the dog. I get a wonderful sense of it own direction.

  7. "smart/to my heel" is really nice. Just checked yr. blog for the first time in a very long time. Nice to see your poems and prompts. :) Ivy

  8. There's more truth than fiction in this, for sure!! The words flow seamlessly while escorting the reader along on the walk.

  9. I smiled when I read this, because I can so relate to this experience with my own dog. She takes me for a walk everyday! :~)

  10. Thanks, all, for the lovely comments. Much of my poetry seems to be these small snapshots of events or moments in time. I'm pleased I could take you on my daily walks with Tigger. :)

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