Thursday, May 17, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Humor

When I read about this week's (totally optional) Poetry Thursday idea, my first response was 'nope, not going to happen.'

I don't do humor.

My husband is always nagging me to write light verse--something a la Ogden Nash. (My favorite of his "The Termite.") While I adore Nash's work, his voice isn't *my* voice, and even my light poems tend to have heavy undertones.

I'm not sure why exactly that is. I'm not a downer of a person. I do love clever wordplay and a good pun. I laugh. A lot. But I've also been described as 'intense' and told I 'think too much'.

So here is the *one* silly poem I could find amongst all the poems I have written over the past 5 years.

Yes. Pathetic.

I think I need to find my inner silly. . .

The Green of Betrayal

coats the floor. Air,
dusted with deadly green,
infiltrates a defenseless nose.
Ahh choo.


  1. I can't write humourous stuff either.
    I don't think that's pathetic.:D

    I like the ditty very much.

    Ahh choo....

  2. I agree. While a handful of light poems don't make me want to electrocute myself with hand buzzers, I'm just not into writing light verse itself.

    I do have one about tomatoes from a couple of years ago. I should post that one!

  3. Hi, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. We are writing a book at the moment, but we are going to self publish.

    I do agree that funny can't be forced, but satire works well with dark poetry.

    sun is reluctant
    rays bathe beautiful flowers
    pollen breezes by
    night falls with gentle caress
    stand in line at pharmacy



  4. I find that if I try to be funny them I'm generally not - but sometimes something that starts out serious ends up with a light touch. Just being yourself is all you can be. I enjoyed your poem.

  5. I'nm another who can't write humourous poetry when I'm trying to! Enjoyed your poem!