Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heal Thyself at 7K

Returning to plotting and writing a novel feels like coming home after a long absence-- everything about the place feels new and comfortable all at the same time. I have characters jostling one another in my mind, plots turning and evolving, cultures and worlds solidifying.

It's a heady feeling to write, to create a universe. Yet, it's not all about being in control. No. Actually I think it's about 60% structure and 40% chaos. This is my 4th project and in each one, characters and events twist from my control. That's a good thing. If I knew how it was all going to turn out, I don't think I would want to finish the story. Writing is a process of discovery and clarification for me and that bit of the wildcard helps keep the story fresh.

A snippet from the work in progress:

Kayla’s voice brought Lilliane back to her task. With one last glance to the dying man, she concentrated on the other healers, pulling a thread of living will from each one and spinning them together in her mind into a strong rope. She guided that rope through her sensitive hands, weaving it with what few scant tendrils of warmth she could gather from the patient. The structure she created was like a fine silver mesh and she wrapped it around his mind, securing it within. Where the cold bit at the barrier, there was a hiss of steam.

“You can’t have him today,” she thought. Lilliane stayed connected to the patient for a moment longer, checking the strength of his heart and breath before starting to extinguish the eyes of her second-sight.

Her hands felt sluggish and unresponsive, as if they’d been immersed too long in ice water. The cold she so successfully insulated her patient’s mind from turned to the only source of warmth she had left it. Her.

She shivered and the fear that in small doses helps sharpen will, sapped hers instead.

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