Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In a world of tragedy, a family's sadness

A few days ago, my friend's dog bit her daughter in the face. The dog had not been provoked and this is not the first time the animal has shown aggression. My friend's daughter needed 4 stitches below one eye, but luckily, the dog missed the eye.

My friend has been trying to find a place to give the dog to, but none of the breed rescues will take a dog that has bitten. She and her children are now facing the prospect of euthanizing the dog. They are terribly sad--despite the bite, they still love this dog, but she is no longer safe for the family to keep.

My heart goes out to my friend's family. If I could take this dog, I would, but I don't have the time to work with the animal and I can't place my own children or dog at risk.

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