Friday, November 24, 2006

What I am Thankful For

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by all that we haven't accomplished. In this materialistic society we often measure our success and our happiness by tangible things.

By the standards of outward success I am a failure. In two years of querying for two different books I have received only rejections. I have fallen behind my writing schedule for "The House of Many Doors" and have written only a few hundred words in the past several weeks. I continue to be woefully behind in the paperwork and billing aspects of my day job.

But I have an enormous amount of love and support in my life. My family and my friends hold me in their hearts in the same way I hold them in mine. I cannot begin to articulate how much that love means to me. My children are growing and thriving. For the most part they are happy--even without cable TV. (A long running family joke--we must be one of the last American families without cable.) We enjoy one another's company and we celebrate each other's small successes. My boys are some of my biggest supporters. They push me to write and write well and they share their stories and poetry with me.

I am thankful to have the ability and the support to write.

I am thankful for laughter and the ability to be silly in the face of adversity.

I am thankful for the love I receive and the love that I am able to give.

To all those who celebrate it--Happy Thanksgiving and may you always have blessings to be thankful for.


  1. Remember, there is no substitues for talent or persistence. Don't get lost in the deadlines you're setting for yourself. Keep moving forward. Your work will find its audience.

    And it sounds like you do have a lot to be thankful for. Have a nice weekend. Enjoy the dry weather we're having.

  2. You can get a thousand rejections, you only need one acceptence. It will come.

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

  3. January and Steve,

    Thank you very much. I am back to my usual state of optimism after a brief bleakness of spirit.

    I am a very hopeful and positive person, most of the time. Thank you for working the cheering section.