Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An awful sonnet. . . really!

My son is Orlando in his middle school's production of "As You Like It," a Shakespeare comedy in which Orlando falls in love with Rosalind. They are each banished from their respective kingdoms and Rosalind disguises herself as a boy. When she and Orlando meet in the forest, he is mooning over his lost love Rosalind. She, disguised as the boy Ganymeade, "pretends" to be his Rosalind, so Ganymeade can assess the true depth of Orlando's feelings.

Anyway, the director has asked for *bad* love poems to post in the lobby for the audience to read during intermission.

There are 2 front row seats riding on how bad this one is. :)

Feel free to jump in with your own bad love poetry. Doesn't need to be a sonnet.

There is no one I think is quite as fair
as Rosalind, the nymph with golden hair
or is it dark as raven's wings? It seems
I can't recall. Her eyes, they haunt my dreams.

Nothing like a zombie from the grave,
that would only petrify our love.
Rosalind is livelier than spring.
She does not compare to anything.

I spoke to her that once and now I'm sure
she is the only one I will adore--
those other girls I've loved mean nothing now
next to my Rosalind they look like cows.

These honest messages I hope will please
and so I post them to these humble trees.

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