Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just for fun: "Sometimes when I See You Wearing Mismatched Socks"

Another of the weekly challenges at Wild Poetry Forum. This week, we were provided with a selection of titles all begining with 'sometimes' and asked to write a 10 line or less poem focusing on the small details that make up an emotional connection to someone.

This line in particular spoke to me, as my 10 year old son wears mismatched socks all the time. It's a fashion statement for him, and so, this little poem, for Eric.

Another of my "small 'p' poems." Not meant as earth-shattering statements of great import, just a mindful watching of the individual moments that make up an ordinary life.

"Sometimes when I see you wearing mismatched socks"
(for Eric)

I turn away so you won't see
me smile. We both know the rules
keep changing. I can no longer tell
the story about you dropping a single
marble in each of our shoes. Shy
of three and already trouble. The first
day of fifth grade you slip
on two different sneakers, prepared
to tell anyone who asks: sometimes
you wear the other pair.

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