Wednesday, August 23, 2006

MindBlind--the final push

I'm midway through the all-hell-breaks-lose chapter at the end of "MindBlind." 72,000 words and counting. I anticipate the complete story will come in about 80K, give or take.

I'm really pleased with how it's coming along.

My crit group at Forward Motion has been of invaluable help in the early drafts of the begining chapters and enabled me to hit my stride in the story.

With a little luck and some focused writing, "MindBlind" should be finished by the end of the month.

Not too shabby--two novels in two years while juggling a career and a family.

Two more agent rejections for "The Wings of Winter" came while we were on vacation last week. The usual form letter--'not right for us'. My instincts tell me that "MindBlind" is far more commercial. And the more I read and research, the more I understand that publishing is a business. Agents don't focus on whether or not your novel has been a labor of love and is the most beautifully writing thing since sliced bread. They want well written AND marketable.

I know enough about my own work and style to have the writing well part down. Will it sell is the question.

I think "MindBlind" can sell.

Yup. That dog can most definitely hunt.

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  1. I checked out Forward Motion, joined even, but I'm pretty lost as to how to navigate. I would like to polish up a batch of poems and find places to send them? Any ideas?