Sunday, June 25, 2006

MindBlind at nearly 60K

The writing has gone more slowly than I had hoped in the fall when I'd begun this novel. But I'm closing in on the ending and it feels good. Even with the plodding pace I'm on now, I should have this done by the end of summer. Then it's time for editing and the query letter. I know this process. I've been through this with "The Wings of Winter." And although I'm still in query limbo with "Wings," I'm not discouraged.

I know that I can string a few sentences together. My writing doesn't totally stink up the joint. My plots have a begining, a middle, and an end, my characters have fully developed lives, and I'm not afraid of editing. I approach writing as both work and as a joy and there will be a day when one of my novels makes it from idea to first draft to edited novel to published work that you can buy in your local bookstore.

I have faith and patience.

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