Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I need a major attitude adjustment. I'm wicked (as they say in the Boston area) cranky. Could be the 9 days straight of foul weather we've just had along with the combination of 2 restless boys and 1 restless puppy. Could be that I'm struggling to string 2 sentences together on my WIP (work in progress, for the non-writer folks), or that I'm circling around a work-related mid-life crisis. (Do I really want to be a physical therapist anymore? Isn't 20 years at anything enough?) I'm frustrated with my poetry--I'm writing steadily, but when I look at the poets whose work I really admire, my stuff doesn't seem to have the 'right' stuff.

So I guess either I drown my sorrows in chocolate truffles or give myself a kick in the ass for wallowing in completely undeserved self-pity.

OK--counting my blessings:

  • supportive family
  • husband who cherishes me and who I consider my best and closest ally in this world
  • children who are healthy and safe and who still hug me, unasked
  • the basics--food/shelter/clothing
  • puppy! Nothing like puppy-dog eyes or a gentle lick when you are feeling blue
  • communities of writers--poetry and fiction who aren't afraid to tell it like it is
  • friends who send me silly jokes via email, or call to tell me about a book I might like, or who pop in for a cup of tea
  • high speed internet access. :)
  • THE SUN!!!!!! which is just peeking out from thick clouds. Oh Happy Day!
  • Whole Foods market's chocolate truffles.

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