Friday, July 08, 2005

"Wings of Winter": 9 scenes to go. . .

It's actually going to be finished. Yes. I think I finally believe that now. The scenes are flowing fast and furious, all the pieces of the story are clicking into place. It's an amazing feeling to see the arc of the story process from initial glimmerings of an idea, through development, re-development and finally to a finished whole.

My next project is an idea I've had to put away like a birthday present sitting on a shelf. I've promised myself not to open it until The Wings of Winter is complete.


  1. Hi Lisa

    Wonderful that the end is in sight. As I noted on Wild Poetry Forum, I am happy for you and continue to wish you the best with the project. It is not easy to finish anything of this magnitude and so you should be very proud of what you have achieved. This was told to me by a published novelist, that even if your work is not published (and of course I very much hope it will be!), just to finish the manuscript is an achievement that not many people can claim that they have accomplished. So well done, Lisa!

    All my best


  2. Thanks, Chris! I am thrilled to have gotten to this point. Of course, like any aspiring author, I dream of publication, but no matter what happens, to have completed a novel will be something I will always be proud of.