LJ Cohen is the internet incarnation of Lisa Janice Cohen, poet and novelist.  Lisa has completed 9 novels, in several genres, including YA, urban fantasy, fantasy, SF, and speculative fiction.

Links to sample and purchase her novels, THE BETWEEN, FUTURE TENSE, and DERELICT or PEN-ULTIMATE: A SPECULATIVE FICTION ANTHOLOGY (charity project, co-edited by Talib S. Hussain) and STRANGER WORLDS THAN THESE (short story collection) are here.

The Once in a Blue Muse Blog is LJ's place for occasional ramblings, less occasional rants, and thoughts about writing and the writing process.  It's also where you might see her newest poem or snippet from a novel in progress.  Occasionally, you might stumble upon a picture of her dog, or maybe the kids, or a random thought about food or Doctor Who.

Yeah, it's an eclectic place.

Archives of this blog go back a few years.  Feel free to poke around.

If you want to know more about LJ take a peek at her writing website.

Like short stories? You can opt to receive LJ's original short fiction, free and drm-free in multiple formats here.