Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rejection and Criticism and Disappointment, oh my. . .

Two more rejections from agents sent me wallowing in my own misery for a few hours. (Occasional wallowing is fun and therapeutic. Just ask any hippo or rhino.) Then I rinsed off the psychic mud (how's that for an odd metaphor?) and went back to work.


1--pull the covers over my head and give up because I'm a terrible writer and will never have a shot at publication.
(Self pity is so not me. . .)

2--abandon The Wings of Winter as my first, flawed novel and focus on MindBlind.
(Giving up is also so not me. I believe in 'Wings' and 'MindBlind'. Working on both is the plan.)

3--rip the query letter and synopsis to shreds and start again.
(Door number three! Pick door number three! And thanks to Miss Snark and her crapometer, I don't have to do much ripping of the synopsis--she's done most of it for me. And a good thing too--it really needed a thorough airing out.)

I've revised the query with the wonderful help of other writers at absolutewrite and I think it's significantly stronger. Round 3 of submitting query letters begins now.

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